Dangerous & Defective Products

Dangerous & Defective Products

Manufacturers, wholesalers and sellers may all be held legally responsible when a defective and unreasonably dangerous product injures someone. The defendants in a product liability case may be held liable under causes of action for negligence, strict liability or breach of warranty.

Products can be defective and unreasonably dangerous due to design defects, manufacturing defects and/or inadequate warnings. Expert witness testimony is usually required to prove a product defect.

Turnipseed & Associates has years of experience successfully representing clients who have been injured by dangerous and defective products, including:


  • Contaminated food purchased at restaurants and grocery stores
  • Prescription and over the counter drugs
  • A commercial lawnmower
  • A first-aid ice-pack
  • A two-wheel walker
  • An overhead garage door
  • A printing press
  • An aircraft loader
  • A tire curing chamber
  • Multiple tires
  • A pick-up truck hydraulic lift gate
  • Multiple passenger vehicles
  • Automobile restraint systems



Automobile manufacturers have a duty to design and sell vehicles that are crashworthy.

Crashworthiness refers to the protection that a motor vehicle provides to occupants against personal injury or death as a result of an automobile accident. We are trained to look for and recognize potential crashworthiness cases whenever someone is catastrophically injured in a minor to moderately severe accident.

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