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When do I need the help of an attorney?
Anytime you or someone in your family is seriously injured in an automobile or truck accident, an accident at work, or as a result of a dangerous or defective product, you should learn about your rights by speaking to an attorney. At Turnipseed & Associates, we know how confusing insurance claims can be. Many times, big corporations and auto insurance companies will offer you money before you can retain an attorney hoping to settle the case for less money. By retaining an attorney, you can protect your rights, prevent an insurance company from taking advantage of you, and obtain the best outcome of your claim. Your lawyer will conduct a thorough investigation and become involved in every aspect of your case to make sure you receive a fair settlement or your case is properly prepared for trial.

Can I afford an attorney?
It will cost you nothing to speak with an attorney at Turnipseed & Associates. We understand that most injured victims cannot pay by the hour. Once you retain one of our personal injury lawyers, we work on a contingency basis. If your case is successfully settled or litigated, Turnipseed & Associates will receive a predetermined percentage fee from the money we collect for you.

How long do I have to file a lawsuit?
Every type of case is different. It is important to check with a lawyer about your time limits so that you will not lose your right to pursue your case.

How much money am I entitled to?
No amount can be determined until your attorney investigates your case. Every case is different. At Turnipseed & Associates, we have been working to receive fair compensation for our clients for 35 years. Our lawyers have handled many types of cases and their experience can help guide you in making that determination. Your lawyer will help you estimate a fair settlement based on the circumstances of your particular case. The amount of your medical expenses and any other damages incurred will help determine what your case is worth.

What should I bring to my first meeting?
If you have accident or police reports, medical or doctor reports and any other documents that you think might be helpful with your case, you should bring these to your first meeting with your lawyer. Your lawyer will obtain any other necessary documents, or tell you what else you need to provide. Once we begin working with your case, keep all paperwork, records or bills involving your case so that your case will move more smoothly.

How do I know if something is relevant to my case?
Never hesitate to call your attorney or one of your legal assistants should you have any questions or problems concerning your case. If they are not available, leave a message and they will get back to you as quickly as possible. And remember, never sign any papers, releases, or other documents prepared by the insurance company without checking with your attorney first.


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