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We work to peacefully right wrongs in our judicial democracy. The jury is the cornerstone of our civil justice system and a basic part of the democratic process. When someone is damaged by negligence or wrongdoing, a jury of peers -- everyday people -- is the final arbiter of justice in determining liability and compensation. We communicate, negotiate, mediate and litigate to obtain just compensation and restitution for our clients. The jury is the final authority, or standard, in reaching a fair settlement or verdict.

Our jury system has been the bulwark of civil justice since the Magna Carta but is now under an all-out attack by giant corporate interests whose greed and recklessness endanger the public's health and safety. When people are injured by dangerous and unsafe products or actions, we present evidence of the causes and extent of the injuries to juries. Juries are in the best position to decide who is liable under the law and the amount of actual and punitive damages to award the victims. Juries can hold big business accountable for sacrificing our health and safety at the altar of ever increasing profit margins... more

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